Gratsi is a new way to give and receive gratuity in return for good service. Our contactless system allows for tips to be exchanged safely and securely, and with minimal effort. No fuss, no strings - just well-earned tips in the pockets of those who earn them.


Gratsi removes the need to handle cash and thereby offers a safer option for service workers to collect tips from clients.


Tipping is not expected or mandatory in the UK but it is a welcome gesture and a great way to show appreciation for a job well done. However, card and contactless payments are on the rise meaning fewer people have spare change in their pocket when they want to leave a tip for good service. Gratsi allows people to show their gratitude for services provided when they are strapped for cash.


Users request and collect tips from clients and customers using a fully encrypted payment system provided by Stripe. Card and user details are kept safe and secure and not passed on to untrusted providers.

Gratsi screenshot

How Gratsi works

Anyone can register as a Gratsi user and, once verified, can begin collecting tips contactlessly. Key to the Gratsi system is the Grats-ID – a unique link that registered users can give to clients. Clients simply visit the link and are prompted to give a tip to say thanks. Links are available as QR codes too to make tipping even easier. Tippers select how much they wish to tip, enter their card details, and provide an email address to receive an e-receipt. Tippers’ details are not passed on to the registered user but they do receive a notification when they receive a tip.

Is Gratsi free to use?

For the timebeing, yes. This will change in future, but for now we're focussing on building Gratsi and making sure it's solves problems for both the tipper and the tip receiver.