Gratsi is a new way to give and receive gratuity in return for good service. Our contactless system allows for tips to be exchanged safely and securely, and with minimal effort.

Requesting a tip

Once you have signed up for Gratsi you will receive a GratsID - a web link that is unique to you through which tips can be given. All you need to do to request a tip is to give out your GratsID. How you do this is up to you and the possibilities are endless. You could simply write your ID on the goods you’ve just delivered, make your URL into a QR code and have it printed on stickers or a business card that can be easily given out, you could even get it tattooed onto your face (perhaps a little extreme but you get our point!).

Receiving a tip

When someone accesses your GratsID page they will be given a few options for how much to tip you. Your first name will be displayed on the page but that’s it — none of your personal or bank details are shared with your client making it a safe and secure way to receive a tip.

Accessing your tips

Giving a tip

You only need three things to give someone a tip through Gratsi:

  1. Their GratsID weblink e.g.,
  2. Your card details (card number, expiry date, CVC)
  3. Your email address

When you visit the GratsID weblink you are provided with three preset values for how much to tip (£2, £5, £10) and an option to enter your own tip. Click on a value (or enter your own amount) and enter your card details. You are also asked to put in your email address. This is for a receipt only and will not be shared with the person you are tipping.